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Keep track of how your stocks are doing. You'll be able to make more informed decisions about when to buy, hold or sell a stock. My Stock Alarm helps you to track the stock price.

Are you busy with your job and you want to buy or sell stocks when it reaches a specific price point? Sign-up and get alerts when a stock crosses the price you set.

Email Alert

You can even receive your alerts via email from My Stock Alarm. You have the power to activate or deactivate them at any time, after completing the registration process. It is against our policy to buy or sell email addresses or to send any promotional emails. Rest assured, you’re information is safe with us.

Mobile Alert

If you’d rather receive your alerts on your mobile phone, we can do that as well. After all, the device is becoming more personal and enables people to do more tasks than earlier. We try to reach out to each of you wherever you are with useful market information so you can simply go and get it.

Buy or Sell?

How many times have we chosen against investment for the fear of missing out on what’s happening and what’s not in the financial world? Wouldn’t it be much easier if you didn’t have to worry about a consultant haunting you throughout the day? My Stock Alarm will let you know the right time to buy or sell stocks at the price you set. You don't have to keep looking at the price index on a daily basis. It's easy as pie!

Price Targets

As you know, the price is an important factor in the stock market. Many times small investors can't take advantage of it. With My Stock Alarm, you can set upper and lower cut-off prices to trigger an alert. This way you won’t sound like a ticking bomb all the time. You’ll only get the information that you’ve requested for without the hassle of going through everything yourself.

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