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Kindly note that we are not a financial or stock market advisory company. We don't provide stock recommendations or stock analysis service. We don't execute orders or buy/sell stocks on behalf of anyone. We don't have any personal interest in promoting any particular company. We are not guaranteeing profit out of stock market by becoming a registered member of My Stock Alarm.

My Stock Alarm is a project grown out of personal need for monitoring the financial stock market for price movement. MyStockAlarm primarily provides stock price alerts on your mobile and email. We would like to help both regular and non-regular stock market investors. You can monitor any number of the stocks using My Stock Alarm service.

Our Story
Okey! This is not a made up story and we are not storytellers either. So you may have to visit this page again to read the full story while we finish writing our story :)

Just like some of the investors we used to buy stocks when we have some extra cash. The intention is may be to make some extra income from the stock market. Or not to spend too much in shopping. Maybe some folks think this way. You can't start another Microsoft or Apple Inc in my lifetime so instead be part of it by buying some stocks of those companies .... will continue
You may be wondering why MyStockAlarm exists and the answer is simple.

1. We believe It saves your time.
2. It helps to monitor stocks you invested or wish to invest.
3. No Tips, Tricks and Free advices (We don't mean you don't take advice)

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As an investor, you’re probably glued to the price of the stock you’ve invested in. You watch it go up and quiver when it goes down, you look around as well at the various other options you may have – you think if it’s good to hold or sell. My Stock Alarm! helps you keep a track of your stock prices, maps the highs and the lows and what’s more keeps you informed on the factors which might affect market volatility. A much more practical way of mapping your investment portfolio. Signup My Stock Alarm today to help you in making informed stock decisions.

The volatility of the markets can be proportionally related to the market conditions within which organizations operate, similarly they can also be attributed to speculation, the prices of raw materials and most recently international and geopolitical conditions as well. A more subtle example can be the misplaced confidence in the price of oil in recent times or even the challenges which trigger growth in the more developing world or indeed emerging economies.

We hope to see much more people using this easy and convenient way of staying informed about stock prices. We welcome your feedbacks and suggestions.

Happy Trading!