Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What's My Stock Alarm?
    It's an on-line service to monitor stock price based on price you set.
  2. What type of alerts I can set?
    Using My Stock Alarm you can set Price up, Price Down, Trailing stop, Indices, and Custom Alerts
  3. Supported Markets?
    My Stock Alarm support all major stock markets. Around 52 markets in 32 Countries.
  4. When the alerts will be send, is it intraday or aftermarket?
  5. Which financial products can I set an alert?
    You can set alert for stocks of publicly-traded companies.
  6. Can you import a list of stocks from excel with certain price points to be alerted at?
    Yes, we can. you can send us list of stocks with the specified format.
  7. What if I got a new mobile number / email?
    You can change your mobile number and email address after you login. You will, however, have to verify the information provided.
  8. Can I set an alert for either one -- mobile or email account?
    Yes, you can set alert to be delivered only to your email account or to your mobile or both.
  9. Can I disable alerts?
    Yes, you can suspend all or particular alert you have set.
  10. Does My Stock Alarm have a mobile app?
    Yes, you can download our free Android app from here Soon we will release App for iOS. My Stock Alarm web app is mobile friendly and you can access using mobile browser.
  11. How many free alerts I can set?
    We are started as free service. But later we decided to charge a nominal fee so that we can keep the service up and running. If you want a set free alerts as a trail you can request us for the same. We are happy to help with that.
  12. How the credit system works?
    - For every alert set, one credit will be reduced.
    - No credit will be reduced if you edit alert before triggering.
  13. What is the validity period of credits purchased?
    Valid for a lifetime.
  14. Why do I verify my phone number?
    We just want to make sure you own the number. Also This will help us to make sure sure you are able to receive text alerts.
  15. How can I reach My Stock Alarm?
    Still can’t find what you’re looking for? Give us a shout. or you can directly email us We don't miss any email.