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Billing Cycle: Every 1 month(s)
Subscription Length: No end date No end date

By creating a subscription/recurring payment, you will be charged immediately for the amount shown above and then you will be automatically charged that same amount each billing cycle until your subscription expires or is cancelled.

  • WELSPUNIND bought at 56.85 and sold at 69.50
  • I wish I would have discovered this App earlier!
  • This is a very simple tool but very helpful and does what it says.
  • I really like this tool, very nice and it easy to use.
  • How the credits system works?

    Minimum one credit is required to set alert. No credits will be reduced until the alert triggered. You can edit/delete before or after triggering the alert. Deleting alerts set before triggering alert will not reduce credits.

  • The validity of credits purchased?

    All your credits will remain valid until you use it. Your unused credits will never auto-expire. Also, you don't have to purchase new credits every year or month to keep your account active or to carry forward balance credits.

  • How long will you monitor the alerts I have set?

    We will monitor the stocks until the price met. It may take days, weeks, months, weeks or maybe years but we will keep monitoring it until the price is met.

  • I don't have a credit card. Can I use my debit card to make payment?

    Sure, You can pay using debit card also. On 'PayPal Secure Payment' page select Pay with Debit Card option.